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About Us

DELARA  food industry manufacturer which produces the variety of layered pastries with fillings in, is located in Antalya town. DELARA Factory was established in 2017 and was initiated in 2018 with 3 production lines in 1800 sq.m area. The company aims to develop products in the domestic market and based on the capabilities of expert human resources increases the variety of products such as strudels in different flavors, croissants, cookies and muffins for different ages and different tastes. DELARA takes the advantage of using the most modern technology from the European countries such as Italy and Switzerland in fully mechanized productions and hygienic. All the staffs are skilled and professional in manufacturing sector, quality control, R&D and technical lablatory. These products are all prepared from the high quality of both internal and external raw materials and are supplied by supervision of quality control department in all steps of producing, offered with a beautiful and hygienic package. Our goal is the consumers' satisfaction and increase it day by day so that we could take steps to promote the name of our beloved homeland.

Quality Assurance

DELARA main efforts lie in looking after its customers’ health and needs and guaranteeing the best product quality is always being delivered. We believe the brand’s legacy is mirrored by the community’s well-being and customer satisfaction; both highly related to the quality standards we provide to our customers. The key element in maintaining DELARA high product quality starts from the most fundamental aspect; picking the finest raw material available. Then comes the production process; supported by highly trained food professionals and constant updated quality management systems. Finally, we work on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our food and sweet offerings through elegant packaging and food presentation.


Our mission is to exceed customers’ needs and expectations through the delivery of an outstanding experience and impeccable taste. DELARA commitment to excellence is guaranteed by standardizing the quality of products and services by using only the finest raw materials and implementing innovative concepts and techniques. To reach our objectives and aims, we do our best to assure a friendly work environment and maintain strong professional relationships with our customers and suppliers.